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An open ear and a closed mouth
Second day of school: Second verse, same as the first. Sort ofCollapse )

Then, after school, I totally put my foot in my mouthCollapse )

In news: This is why we didn"t want to send a note home to parents last yearCollapse )

On a related note: I cannot wait for The Danish Girl movie to come out. The trailer looks so awesome.

In other news: I hate my left kneeCollapse )

So, yeah, I'm not a happy camper right now. Not at all.

(On the other hand, I *am* happy that I scored a $21 bottle of hair styling lotion for $2.11 today. It was on sale for $10, I had a 20% off coupon, then store reward points for another $6 discount. Plus tax. SCORE!)
31st-Aug-2015 11:33 pm - And there was peace on earth.
Why? Because MY CHILDREN WENT TO SCHOOL TODAY! Ahhhh, bliss. My first day alone; their first day at schoolCollapse )

It is weird to have kids in the same school again - the first time in four years. Weird, but definitely easier!

Part of what I was reading today was Bitterblue, which I managed to finish by the time school got out. Thoughts under hereCollapse )

Anyway, I'm sad it's over, disappointed by the lack of proper resolution on some issues, but very glad that I read it. Thank you again to hamsterwoman, who gave it to me for my bday. :)

Speaking of gifts, We"ve been the lucky recipients of many, many goodies from Other Lands, from both the Hamster family and my German friendCollapse )

Alas, it's once again too late for me to get into some of the other stuff I keep meaning to post about. And I really REALLY need to work on some fic now that kids are back to school. Still, hopefully I can get to it one of these days.
Dear Jade:

Please tonight to not be barfing twice in the wee hours of morning. Or at all, really. I've gotten a LOT LOT better about handling animal barf, especially since you're considerate enough to cut for grossness factorCollapse ) Still, it really isn't how I'd like to spend my time, especially as it was the weekend and was really looking forward to a little sleep, despite the 8:45a MRI. As it was, after the second barf (at 3:25am, a whole 15 mins after the first one), I figured it was safer to corral you in the kitchen and sleep on the sofa so I could monitor you without disturbing Will's sleep. (Himself not wanting to lift a finger in all of this.) Of course, this didn't entirely work, as he doesn't sleep well without me, and I'd had to turn the bedroom light on twice in order to see what I was cleaning up, waking him up even more than he'd been from the barfy noises. Yes, I did eventually doze on the sofa, since you were kind enough to be totally fine the rest of the night, but still - it wasn't ideal.

However, I realize that you twice got a few bites of Nala's food today and also took a lick at carpet that had cleaner on it (from where MiniPlu accidentally spilled her cereal) before we could stop you, and that despite our best efforts, it's possible tiny bits of chocolate made their way to floor level from today's baking antics. So, I'm not real confident about the state of your stomach, to be honest. Still, consider this a polite request: I'd like tonight to be a completely barf-free experience, kthnx.


(We're still working out exactly what gets Jade's tummy in a knot. She definitely seems to have a more sensitive digestive system than any dog I've owned before, but I haven't noticed any particular pattern yet.)

Also, apparently I still need to make a Jade icon. *points* That's Nala.

I'm too tired and it's too late at night for a full post, especially as SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW YAY, but I will say that we had a pretty good weekend overall: a nice visit with German friends, lots of productive errands, some tasty baking, Amazon treats (and a belated acknowledgement of some cool stuff courtesy of hamsterwoman, and some cleaning/weeding of unneeded crap, even though there's a long way to go. Negatives: clueless tykes at TKD, and another big clash with MiniPlu over biking (and that really needs its own post), and insufficient sleep.

Another time....
27th-Aug-2015 10:33 pm - Ugh.
chinese mama
It's been a very ... mixed ... day.

On the positive side:
Lemon buttermilk pound cake. OMG, SO GOOD.

Five hour visit with a family from MiniPlu's adoptive group this afternoon. The mom is a caterer and fed us yummy foods. Also, after we realized that we'd left our bag of swimsuits and towels at home by mistake, they were able to lend my kids some, so they could enjoy the pool after all.

News that the weather lady on our local CBS station (which we watch most mornings) had her twin daughters yesterday!

On the negative side:
Fighting with TwoCollapse )

Fighting with MiniPluCollapse )

And back with Two again.Collapse )

I just want to throw both of them to wolves right about now.

Ok, so, I mentioned the German friends who are coming by tomorrow. Baby UN, a decade laterCollapse )

And on a completely different note, I finished reading Shadow Scales (sequel to Seraphina) aloud to Two the other day. Short, non-spoilery version: I know reviews have been mixed, but I, personally, liked it. It had some twists I did not expect, as well as a failure to fully resolve some plot points I had expected to see resolved (does that count as a twist?). Some things were a little predictable, but I didn't really mind. And it was interesting to learn the backstory of why Seraphina locked Jannoula in her Wee Cottage.

Spoilers under hereCollapse )

So, yes, while this book had a different feel than the first one, especially as a good half of the story takes place in other locations, I did still enjoy it, never felt bogged down, and definitely looked forward to picking it back up again. And I can tell that Two felt the same.
26th-Aug-2015 10:14 pm - Bunnies and Bikes
windmill purple
Today's adventure and good deed for the day: Rescuing a newborn bunnyCollapse )

Also today (well, this evening):

We live 1.5 miles/2.5km from the middle school, too close for the school bus, but it feels so stupid driving that distance, too. Whatever happened to riding bikes?Collapse )

On a totally different note: pancakes!
Nutella-stuffed pancakes
Apple cider pancakes with cinnamon syrup
Gingerbread pancakes.

Definitely need to try these at some point! Oh, and tonight I DID try making avocado chocolate mousse. Have you seen those recipes? Mine wasn't vegan because I used regular milk and honey, rather than soy/almond milk and agave, but it was still an awesome and (somewhat) healthy way to enjoy chocolate. And the recipes are right - you totally do not taste the avocado.
25th-Aug-2015 10:32 pm - Fun with the medical industry
then what would you have me do
Going crazy in search of mental health careCollapse )

Two is getting increasingly angry at what he feels is my inaction and inability to get him the help he understands he needs. And MiniPlu continues to freak out way too often.

I feel like a heelCollapse )

Knee deep in further problemsCollapse )

So, yeah - right foot, left knee. In short: it sucks getting older.

For a future post: Shadow Scales review, awesome-looking pancakes, visit with friend from Germany, Prius evaluation.
23rd-Aug-2015 11:27 pm - Trans stuff
Wait, though - before I get into that, I just had to share the link to this awesome Potter-themed classroom. So cool!

Ok, back to business. :P First up: In which CHOP drops the ball. Twice.Collapse )

In other trans news: when we took Two to camp and attended the informal parent meeting before leaving, we discovered that one of the families lives only 30 mins away. We decided it might be good to make connections once everyone was home again, so our boys (her kid is also FTM) could maybe feel a little less alone. So that happened this eveningCollapse )

School starts in 8 days. Two hasn't voiced it too much, but he's said enough to let us know he is absolutely terrified about facing more potential bullying or pestering from peers. I'm not sure how much he's focusing on the usual "middle school transition" worries like finding his way to class or figuring out his locker combo, because the gender-related worries have taken over. Poor kid. The administration and staff appear to be supportive, but so much happens out of a teacher's earshot, and Two isn't good at going to non-parent adults for help. (And, yes, I can contact his counselor on his behalf, like I occasionally had to do last year, but by then, time has elapsed. And, as Two says, you can't nail everyone if it's a pervasive problem.) We're supposed to meet up with his new counselor this week, but I'm sure it won't do much to soothe Two's worries.

Can't wait for school to start. I'm behind on email, Quicken, quilting and writing. (And sleep, but that's a given. :P) In fact, I should go crash soon. Hard to believe it's been a week since I was at the airport, preparing to come home again.
21st-Aug-2015 08:08 am - Oh, heck yeah.
toon family two
9 days, 23 hours and 45 minutes. Although it'll be 10 days, 2 hours and 45 minutes until I get everyone out the door. (Seventh and 8th graders go in 3 hours late on the first day this year, to give the 6th graders a chance to get acclimated.)

Not that I'm counting or anything. :P
20th-Aug-2015 11:30 pm - Late night list
First of all, let me say that I have a deep longing to make this cake. Like, seriously. Holy smokes.

Secondly: I forgot to mention the Case of the Mysterious BloodstainCollapse )

Thirdly: I participated in a "Ask me any three questions" meme with piperki. Her questions and my answers under hereCollapse )

Life otherwise continues apace: tomorrow is the last day of band camp; next week is the last week of summer vacation. The kids had orthodontist appointments today - Two now has to wear the same rubber bands that MiniPlu does (to hook the top and bottom together) and MiniPlu now has such a strong wire on, it took three people to get it to bend in and fit right. I anticipate a lot of moaning tomorrow. The college annual "back to school" picnic for staff was today but had to be held indoors for the first time in the 12 years we've been attending, because of rain. First band parent meeting of the year was last night, mostly old hat, but a few nuggets of useful information. And Two is about to have his very first cell phone activated - he's beyond excited. (K has his SIM card and will bring it this wknd; right now all he can do is play games.)
windmill purple
So, I spent Wed through Sun on the west coast, visiting my parentsCollapse ) And that was my trip West.

Despite having very little sleep and only a brief nap after getting home, I still picked up MiniPlu from band camp, took Two to the dentist for a filling (his first), helped MiniPlu weed out her clothing so we could see what she really had, and took her (and Two, although he was mostly just tagging along) for some back-to-school clothes shopping at a local teen consignment store and Old Navy. Then I took Will to drop off the rental car (more on that in a min) and pick up a new one elsewhere. On the other hand, I was asleep by 9:45pm, a rarity - and even more when you consider it was essentially 6:45pm for my internal clock.

It has been godawful humid here, so even though the temps have only been about 90F/32.2C or maybe a smidgen warmer the past couple of days, it has felt worse, to me, than the 102F dry heat in CA. :-P After five days of drier air, it was almost hard to breathe yesterday at its worst. MiniPlu reported that a bunch of kids keeled over in the heat during band camp yesterday, and although nobody fainted today, there were a couple of near misses.

As for the rental car ... Will and the kids were in an accident last FriCollapse )

The kids got their class schedulesCollapse )

Two also got his first-ever cell phone today. Will connected it to our wireless network so he could download a couple of games because he was DESPERATE to use it for SOMETHING, but we're still working out the details of where we're going to be getting his actual cell service, so it doesn't yet work as an actual phone yet. To our surprise, he wasn't at all disappointed not to be getting an iPhone like his sister has - he said he actually wanted an Android phone, which is good because that was the best compromise phone (between price and quality) that Will and I found.

And before I go: I want a bunch of these things even though I have no use for them. The tote bag even though I already have a couple of HP-related bags. The pencil case even though I don't have any need for a pencil case. The awesome clock that I don't have any need for. The tablet case when I don't have a tablet. Ah well.
mischief managed
Band camp started today. After all my wibbling over "what to do with Two" last night, it turned out that on the first day today they didn't need any extra help, so I just turned around and went home again. Tomorrow they said they would start measuring for uniforms, so I'll just limit my volunteering to the first hour and see how Two does. Hopefully I can do the full two hours by next week, when they'll actually be marching and disappearing mid-practice will be more challenging.

Alas, online parent portal was not activated, so hopefully the schedule letters will come tomorrow. Otherwise, my kids will have to take photos with their devices and mail me the images, so I can see what they got!

The big event for today was: Dog day at the poolCollapse )

The only other event of note was that MiniPlu and I finally put the second coat of paint on her walls. MiniPlu had a small "I can't do anything right" tantrum in the middle, when she accidentally got paint on her bedding (first had forgotten the tarp and got paint on her sheet, and then put the tarp on face down and thought she'd subsequently ruined her mattress pad, although this turned out not to be the case) and stomped off to sulk a bit. I let her go and worked on my own for awhile, then lured her back to finish the job after pointing out all the mistakes I'd already made on this project, including spilling paint on her carpet (which, unlike the bedding, couldn't be scrubbed in the sink or thrown in the washer). Anyway: next up, the trim. MiniPlu isn't keen on the slow, detailed hand-painting - she wielded the roller - so we'll see how this goes.

In closing: Yet Another Random Meme, courtesy of hamsterwoman.

61 questions. How utterly random.Collapse )

piperki, I expect you to participate. :D (And anyone else - the more, the merrier!)
toon family two
The main excitement we had last week was that MiniPlu almost was hospitalizedCollapse )

As for my own health, I've picked up the minor nasal congestion and nasty cough that plagued Two last week. It's not as bad as the cough I had in 2003, before getting MiniPlu, but it's still damned annoying, and I know it's affected Will's sleep, too, having me cough every 9 seconds at night.

Job front: Nothing. I think I have to accept at this point that they lied when they said they'd let me know "either way." Sigh.

Band camp: Starts tomorrow. What to do with the younger kid?Collapse )

Also tomorrow: middle school schedules get mailed. If they open the parent portal at the same time, we don't have to wait for the mail. *twitches from anticipation*

MiniPlu was invited by a friend from tumbling to join her and her mom for a day at the beachCollapse )

Speaking of Korea - I had a sad realization about TKDCollapse )

I often wish I had a personal trainer, someone to help devise workouts, make sure I do them, keep it fresh, push me when I struggle and make sure I'm doing things right. I just feel like I should be so much stronger than I really am, and I just don't have the self-motivation or knowledge to do it properly myself.

And to confund the physical fitness issues: the kids and I picked peaches Friday afternoon, so we've had peach crisp and I made peach ice cream tonight (modified so that I cooked the custard). Yum!

Random note: Learned that one of the lifeguards at our local pool is gay, when Two and a classmate-friend saw him kissing his boyfriend while on break at a picnic table near the entrance/exit on Sat. By the time I looked over, they were mostly just talking, but at various points were slinging their arms around each other across the table, or ruffling each other's hair, and other adorable little instances of comfortable touching. Made for good fic inspiration. ;-)

That is all.
5th-Aug-2015 11:50 pm - I need a personal secretary.
bones out of your mind
First off: WTF is up with all the theater attacks? Has the world gone crazy?? Gah!

So far this week I have:

Gotten bloodwork done (belatedly) for my gastro doc. Results were fantastic, yay! I think I might finally be able to try donating blood again.

Submitted certified court order to middle school so they can change Two's records; they really wanted birth certificate but the state Vital Records dept is being stupid-slow, so I'm thankful they're taking the court order.

Written our CCD coordinator about name change. Wibbled because, you know, Catholic church. She assured me, "It's not my place to judge, only to treat everyone as fairly as I can." Need to give her a photocopy of court order (thankfully, she doesn't need the certified version).

Gotten a TB test, which may or may not have been required for volunteering in the district, but it was free (done at the high school) so ... whatever.

Seen both my gastro ("See you in 6 months") and a podiatrist (new). Turns out, the heel pain I've had for over two months is plantar fascitis. Have exercises and other therapy to do. Was fitted for new orthotics as mine are getting old, but, alas, our insurance won't cover them. Debating whether it's worth the cost.

Finally started painting MiniPlu's room; we did the first coat on the walls today. Spilled paint on her carpet when I tugged the drop cloth and discovered the paint can was still sitting on it.

Done a massive catchup on Quicken for our general financial records.

Chose and ordered a pile of recent photos for my dad; had them sent directly to his house, just in case.

Along with Will, narrowed down the likely candidate for Two's first cell phone. Will also finally set up a personal email account for him, too.

Called a local place that offers pediatric psychiatry services, to see about getting my kids appointments for their anxiety (MiniPlu) and depression/ADD (Two). Soonest availability: end of February, 2016. I knew pediatric psychiatrists were backlogged, but ... wow. Will try other places, but I'm not hopeful.

Sent hamsterwoman's son his birthday gift. A month late. (There's a tiny trinket in there for you, too, Anna, but I still can't find the other one I bought.)

Realized the due date for hd_fan_fair is looming and I haven't written a word because I have kids underfoot all day long.

Not slept more than 6.5 hours any night this week. And I only got 6.5 hours once.
phantom tollbooth
Four weeks left until school starts. Class schedules should be available soon. Meanwhile, I'm feeling stymied by the slowness of our state's Vital Records department, and am starting to plead with doctor's offices, the school office, etc, as to whether they might accept the certified court order in lieu of corrected birth certificate (which we still do not have), so we can go ahead and change Two's records over. Two has a conniption every time he has to lay eyes on his old legal name, and I particularly don't want his teachers to receive class rosters with the old name on it, and get the wrong name ingrained in their heads.

Two caught the mild cold that Will and I passed between us, but whenever Two gets a cold, he always ends up with a nasty, persistent cough. Even his inhaler doesn't seem to be helping much, and he's struggling to fall asleep even as I type. [Edit: finally slept by the time I posted this.]

MiniPlu continues to show interest in the kitchen, and this evening made double chocolate muffins as a surprise for Will. The muffin base could be a little chocolatier, for my taste, but the overall result is good. The only thing I helped with was reaching a few items out of high cabinets, pointing out a spot where she had mis-read the recipe, and getting some of the batter into the muffin tin (and getting the muffins OUT of the tin - they were full enough that they spread over the top a little, literally muffin-top-style, and had to have that bit loosened from the pan, paper liners or no paper liners). She did all the rest of the measuring and mixing by herself. *is proud*

I had my 6-month checkup with my gastro doc today, remembering only as I was preparing to leave the house that I was supposed to have had bloodwork done before the appointment. Oops. The outpatient lab was mobbed today, so I'll see if I can get it done tomorrow.

Spent the weekend in NJ with R&K. K treated our kids (and their two cousins) to a trek to the boardwalk on Saturday and the local water park on Sunday. It was nice to have a little time to myself for once. I helped R make chocolate chip cookies (he's the cookie master in the family) and then also made GF black bottom banana bars. Pruned the roses, helped make dinner, and also napped, read, and swam in the neighbor's pool. It was nice.

Last week, in a fit of boredom, I started looking up a few former HS classmates, to see what they'd been up to. (I'm not on FB, so I was just Googling their names; I stuck to male classmates, so I didn't have to worry about maiden name issues.) I stumbled upon a guy with whom I was friendly, albeit not besties or anything (he was smart and thus was in a number of classes with me, including all the way through German IV), discovered he was running a blog about the severe auto-immune issues he'd been dealing with since back when I knew him (although at the time, I didn't realize what his issue was), and decided to ping him, see if he remembered me. He did, and we've just sent each other massive catch-up posts, chronicling the past 26 years. It's been nice.

I finished reading The Door Behind Us, an impulse Kindle purchase when I was in the mood for more m/m fic and didn't want to read the last Whyborne and Griffin novel yet. (Do you do that? Hold off reading the latest in a series after finishing the preceding book, just so you won't have to wait forever for the next one?) Yes, I have a billion books, gifted and self-purchased, already waiting, but I was on an m/m kick, what can I say? Anyway, this was ... okay. Brief thoughtsCollapse )

And now for two amusing links:

How teenagers see their parents.

How Mark Hamill signs Star Wars trading cards. :D
3rd-Aug-2015 08:44 pm - Belated Potter birthday
I'm three days late, but Happy birthday Harry Potter! I know most of you have drifted away from him and even I'm not very active in fandom these days, but I do still love Potterverse, and regularly listen to the audiobooks when I'm in the car by myself or on long road trips. There were a lot of fun Harry-related links over the past couple of days, because of the birthday, so I thought I would share them for the benefit of anyone looking for a little nostalgia:

Someone's fond reminiscing. The book series is kind of my refuge, too, and for years was my back-up reading when traveling. I clung to the first two books - all there were at the time - when my MIL was dying. I took PoA to China with me. I love re-discovering favorite moments in each book.

Potter-related tattoos. I'm not a tattoo person, mostly because I cannot think of anything I'd like to still be etched on me when I'm 80 (not to mention how bedraggled it would look on my wrinkly skin by then). But still - some of these are just awesome. (Two would so have a penguin Patronus :D ) I also really like "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." I have no idea how the black-light ones are done. Others are just beautiful, plain and simple.

Mock USA Today, Potter edition. I love not only the completely hilarious headlines, but also the way many real-life current issues are reflected, like helping prisoners escape Azkaban, the women's Quidditch team winning the World Cup, Wizard/Muggle marriage now being legal in all 50 states, etc.

The movies ranked worst to best. This being completely subjective, of course. What do you think?

Birthday wishes for JKR, from 17 stars of the HP movies. I think Umbridge's amuses me the most. :D

I REALLY want this tshirt. However, I already have this shirt (birthday gift this year), a black one that says "Muggle" and one with the Hogwarts crest on it, although I hate it. For a gazillion years I had a grey heather shirt with a medium-sized crest on it, which I loved, but it's completely beat up now, so I tried to replace it. Unfortunately, all they make are shirts with giant crests on them, and I don't like them. I've tried to like them, but I don't. :( Still, since I already have several HP shirts, I feel like the one with the GrandPre covers would be greedy, but I still love it.

I was honoured to recently be included in a list of old-school fic recs. Which reminds me - I really need to get moving on my HD fan fair story, eep! So freakin' hard to write with kids underfoot all day long, sigh.

So, happy 50th to JKR, and happy 35th to Harry. Thank you for all you've brought me over the years, including just about every LJ friend I have. ♥
29th-Jul-2015 11:23 pm - A movie, a book, and some other stuff
Belated birthday wishes go out to hamsterwoman. I hope you had a great day yesterday.

My days have been full - not crazy, but full - and yet I don't feel like I'm getting much done. And it's been blazing hot, although those of you in the Southwest and California can stop laughing at me. Mid 90s (F) still feels damn hot, especially when you factor in humidity, and the fact that the temps don't drop nearly as much at night around here.

We're getting MiniPlu's room ready to re-paint with the colors of her choice, but I still need to find some spackle to fill in a few of the larger nail/screw holes in the walls, and I'm debating whether a particular patch next to her bed is dirty enough that it needs a coat of primer before we paint for reals. In the meantime, she's begged to do more around the kitchen; to that end, in the past couple of days, I've given minor assistance as she's made blueberry muffins and peach crisp (both GF and made with local produce) and cheeseburger macaroni; the rest, she's done herself. She is very proud.

On the other hand, she came downstairs about 45 mins after I'd tucked her in, to say she was abruptly getting itchy, lifting her shirt to show the raised rash-like bumps that were appearing all over her torso. I have no idea what she ran afoul of; her shirt had been line-dried, but I still can't think what might have gotten in there. I gave her a Benedryl/antihistamine and sent her back to bed. Hopefully she'll be better come morning.

I've finally gotten around to making a back-to-back appointment for my feet; my orthotics are well over a decade old, I suspect, and are digging into the side of my left bunion when I run more than about 2.5 miles (4km) in my new running shoes. Also, I've had pain in the bottom of my right heel for two months now, and it's been getting worse. So, appointment next Tues, hopefully they can figure this out.

I took the kids to see the Minions movie yesterday. Thoughts under hereCollapse )

Today I finished the fifth in the gay-supernatural-historical-fiction series I've been enjoying the past couple of years: BloodlinesCollapse )

I know nobody on my flist is reading this series, but I just wanted to write down my thoughts for my own future reference.

Debating which of the many books on my to-read pile (some of which were given for my bday, some which were given for previous bdays that I haven't yet read, and some I bought myself. Hmmm. So many choices!

There's a fly buzzing around in here, driving me bananas. :P

Before I go, a quick link: 15 changes George Lucas made to Star Wars that drive us crazy. This is in reference to the original trilogy, as it stood on first release vs the multiple digital re-releases that followed, starting in 1999. Some of them I confess I never noticed ("Uncle" vs "your uncle" or Boba Fett's voice, for instance) but plenty of the other remarks totally nailed it. Hate hate hate most (if not all) of the modern digitalization "additions" and I will never stop being sad at the loss of "Yub Nub." :P
26th-Jul-2015 10:51 pm - It's been a day
Before I get to today's content, it dawned on me, when I was sifting through my massive email backlog (including LJ comments I still intended to respond to) that I never thanked everyone who had left me birthday messages. Y'know, 3.5 weeks ago. :-P I apologize for appearing ungrateful - I really did appreciate your words of good cheer. ♥

Today just felt ... draining. Failed run, weeping, emotional kid, cleaning, errands, dog health issues, dinner, and almost all of it I had to deal with on my own.

The nitty grittyCollapse ) Gah, I just feel totally wrung out today, emotionally. I know I just saw my husband a LOT this past week, but I felt emotionally clingy today and, alas, had to mostly go without.

Also, I cannot decide if it's worth still doing a post-interview follow-up note to the principal and librarian. It was a full week ago, and they could send me a "thanks but no thanks" note at any moment, so I would hate to go expressing my keenness at this late date, if that's the case. But maybe it's not too late and I should do it anyway? (This is what Will thinks.) Do I really want the job that badly? I wouldn't mind the income, but I confess that I'm really uncertain about the "rightness" of this job, and I want to cry when I think about leaving "my" librarian. I wish I could get paid for my old "job". Wibble.

And I still don't know when I should visit my dad, without impacting goings-on at home too much.
25th-Jul-2015 10:43 pm - Home again
We're back from New England, having left Boston after breakfast in order to collect Two by 10am, and then slogging all the way back to PA from there, arriving around 5:30p. The dogs are back, I've done some of Two's icky camp laundry, including bedding, and there's the possibility he left his pillow behind, but I can live with that.

The best part of today: Two loved campCollapse )

We had some interesting conversations with MiniPlu as we left Boston, as well - she wanted to know more about some news bits she had heard, starting with Donald Trump (humor link) and the immigration/John McCain kerfuffles, as well as what we thought about Hilary Clinton and about the presidential candidates so far (I told her I wasn't really paying that much attention yet, given that our primary isn't for nearly 10 months and so much could happen between then and now; I'll start paying more careful attention this winter, I suspect).

Our last day in Boston was aquaticCollapse )

Unfortunately, I'm thinking MiniPlu might have a UTI - her first; she's been complaining of frequent small urination for a couple of days now, although it doesn't seem to be a consistent issue. Which is why I was willing to hold off and see if it persisted, but she's been out of bed, like, five times since we tucked her in an hour ago, so we might have to trek to the doctor's. Sigh. I've resisted taking her in because of her foot - what is he going to say? Rest and ice it? But if she's there for a UTI, I dunno - maybe I should have her foot looked at anyway.

Meanwhile, I think I may be coming down with Will's cold. Yay.

Side note about Boston: Is there ANYPLACE to eat that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? I don't know if it was just the restaurants our friends chose or what, but it seemed like the average cost of an entree was about $20-25, a good $8-10 above what I would normally see for similar items around here. Even the ice cream we bought one night was more expensive. I know big cities can be pricier than suburbia, but that was really really painful.

And, finally, a book review: I finished Broken HomesCollapse ) Thank you to hamsterwoman for the book!

Looking forward to the next book at some point, although right now I have PLENTY to read from all my bday gifts, plus stuff I've picked up on my own. Does anyone know how many books are planned for this series?
23rd-Jul-2015 10:09 pm - A meme and a mini-update
maurice in love with gamekeeper
piperki wanted a meme, so I went out and found one. Definitely high up there on the randomness scale.

One hundred strange questionsCollapse )

Would love to see others' answers!

In RL news: MiniPlu got to ride her cousin's horse for a little bit on Tues - her first time ever on a horse. We then left Maine and drove down to the Boston area Wed afternoon, had dinner with my friend and her fiance, went bridesmaid dress/bridal veil shopping today (success! although I didn't order yet because the color is still being debated) while Will and MiniPlu explored the science museum and their special "Science of Pixar" exhibit, and tomorrow we're going on a whale-watching trip. We miss Two - looking forward to getting him back on Sat and hearing about his camp experiences.

Have not been sleeping as well as I might like. Grump.
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Greetings from Middle Of Nowhere, Maine! It only took a billion hours of driving to get here.

First, even getting out the door ended up with a lot more issues than anticipated, starting with the night before. The panic attackCollapse )

My alarm went off a few minutes before 7am, as planned. I saw that MiniPlu was in the bathroom as I walked past, on my way to putting the puppy outside. And then we were locked outCollapse )

Two was just stumbling out of his room (finally!) at this point. Next came the tearsCollapse )

Once he was settled, I tackled the giant pile of green beans, getting them cut, blanched, chilled and into a freezer bag (end result: a very full gallon-sized bag/~4litres), because they would have spoiled in our absence otherwise. Also sliced up leftover watermelon to take with us, packed other food, coaxed MiniPlu and Two to eat, got a shower, took the puppy over to the puppy-sitter, where I realized we'd left the dog food at home, came back, helped load the car, where our toiletry kit almost got left behind because my husband can be clueless, then we swung past the puppy sitter's on the way out. And we needed gas/petrol, too. We'd hoped to be on the road by 9:30a, but it was more like 9:45a after all that.

The first part of our trip, and lunchCollapse )

The rest of the trip to camp, plus camp drop-offCollapse )

MiniPlu already missed him, and wanted him back, heh.

On the road again, to a completely uninspiring dinnerCollapse )

Although Will said he was still ok driving, I insisted; he'd been driving all day at that point, and I also knew he tended to get pretty tired once evening rolled around. And then the rain rolled aroundCollapse )

Her younger daughter, E, 18 years old (a senior, not graduated yet; she had to repeat 7th grade due to changing schools and some chaos going on at that point) had her two BFFs here, and they had just baked brownies. I'm pretty sure they were from a mix, but they were warm and delicious anyway. We all hung out for a bit, while Lise gave us a tour of the house, highlighting the many renovation projects that need doing, and we didn't get to bed until nearly midnight.

MiniPlu woke early enough to go with her cousin E to feed E's horse (and was really touched when E asked her if she was ok, that she didn't want her to feel excluded when her friends were around – they'd spent the night – etc; E is normally highly anti-social, so this was a really lovely surprise), but Will and I, after I initially thought 7am was 9am, went back to sleep until it really WAS 9am, then hauled ourselves up. My back was killing me after all the time in the car yesterday. It's been a pretty quiet day, thankfully. K and her baby boy came by for a little bit, which was nice, and I did some dishes and swept the hardwood floors, but that was all.

The job interview was to be conducted via FaceTime at 3pm. We did a test run of FaceTime, but first, had to deal with my mother"s technological deficitsCollapse ) As time rolled close, I put on the nice shirt I'd brought, borrowed some of MiniPlu's makeup because I'd forgotten mine, just to look a little more polished, then we went upstairs to our bedroom to set things up.

So much for our test runCollapse )

As for the interview … I don't know. How the interview wentCollapse )

So, I'm not sure how that went, nor am I sure how I'd really do if I got the job. We'll see.

[Edit: Of course, NOW my phone has found the network AND the 4G speed again. WHERE WERE YOU AT 3PM, STUPID NETWORK??]
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